Friday , April 10th 2020
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Communication Adapter Group ET-3 III 317-7485 for Caterpillar CAT Heavy Equipment Diagnostic Test Tool 6&9 Pins Line

Product Features:

    DescriptionSpecification:Without 14 Pins line:Nomally Contains cabes of 6 pins and 9 pinsPackage Contents:1 x 3 ET adapter1 x Truck 1x9 pin diagnostic line,1x6 pin diagnostic line1 x USB line1 x Software CD (with video instructions)1 x Black plastic carrying casePart Number:317-7485Software Version: 2015A ( With video instructions)Firmware Version:…
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Product Description



Without 14 Pins line:Nomally Contains cabes of 6 pins and 9 pins

Package Contents:

1 x 3 ET adapter

1 x Truck 1×9 pin diagnostic line,1×6 pin diagnostic line

1 x USB line

1 x Software CD (with video instructions)

1 x Black plastic carrying case

Product Features

  • Part Number:317-7485
  • Software Version: 2015A ( With video instructions)
  • Firmware Version: Newest Adapter III
  • Connection: Via USB / Wi-Fi
  • Activation: With ET Keygen, you can activate yourself