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A-PADS Chrome Covers Combo Set for Ford SUPER DUTY F250 F350 2008-2016 – Full Mirrors, WITH Signal + 4 Door Handles, WITHOUT Passenger Keyhole + Tailgate, WITH Keyhole

Product Features:

    Description:Chrome Covers Combo Set:2 Telescopic Mirrors, WITH Signal Cut4 Door Handles, WITHOUT Passenger Keyhole1 Tailgate, WITH KeyholeFits:-FORD-↳ F250 Super Duty 2008-2016↳ F350 Super Duty 2008-2016Details:A-PADS High Quality Triple Chromed Accessory. Fits factory standard parts perfectly, and only. Comes with industrial strength 3M tape on the inside of the covers…
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Product Description

Chrome Covers Combo Set:
2 Telescopic Mirrors, WITH Signal Cut
4 Door Handles, WITHOUT Passenger Keyhole
1 Tailgate, WITH Keyhole

↳ F250 Super Duty 2008-2016
↳ F350 Super Duty 2008-2016

A-PADS High Quality Triple Chromed Accessory. Fits factory standard parts perfectly, and only. Comes with industrial strength 3M tape on the inside of the covers for an easy installation.
Simply follow instructions provided, clean auto surface, peel tape, stick-on (like a sticker), and hold down for a minute – easy as that. Your car will look amazing with A-PADS chrome.
Material is highest quality automotive grade ABS plastics.

Important Notice
↳ Listing is for covers only; these are not replacement parts. These covers are to be installed on top of complete factory standard parts.
Most of our items fit more than one model of car. You MAY receive a box with a different model printed on the package. Please be sure to test fit the item(s) before contacting us or returning the item.
↳ Please be aware of our return policy. See our seller profile and click the “help” tab.

About A-PADS:
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Product Features

  • A-PADS Chrome Accessories: made with highest automotive grade ABS and feature a striking triple chrome finish – see your reflection!
  • 3M TAPE on each piece for a super easy & fast installation. Follow instructions, peel tape, and stick-on! Perfect for beginners and experts alike.
  • Chrome adds an updated, unique, and elite appearance to -any- vehicle. Add this high class luxury look to your vehicle for a great price with A-PADS!
  • COVERS/DECORATION ONLY – NOT REPLACEMENTS. These covers need complete original factory standard part(s) to attach to. Fits perfectly on OEM parts; custom fit.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before removing protective film and using 3M tape, be sure to test fit ALL pieces first. Test all pieces one by one to confirm placement and then stick on. * BE SURE TO READ DESCRIPTION FOR MORE IMPORTANT DETAILS *