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150 Pieces Cotter Pin – Heavy Duty Zinc-Plating Steel Hair Pins – For Cars, Mechanics, Garages, Workshops, Power Equipment, Trucks, Lawn Mowers, Small Engine Repair, Fastening – By Katzco

Product Features:

    Katzco - Cotter Pin Assortment 150 Piece Heavy Duty Hair Pins - Contains the Sizes (42- of 3/32"3/16") (30 -of 5/64"x 5/16") (25- of 5/64"x 9/16") (25- of 3/64"x 5/8") (20 -of 9/64"x 3/4") (8 -of 5/32"x 5/16") Zinc-plating, Steel construction.Looking for a little something to help with…
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Product Description

Katzco – Cotter Pin Assortment 150 Piece Heavy Duty Hair Pins – Contains the Sizes

(42- of 3/32″3/16″) (30 -of 5/64″x 5/16″) (25- of 5/64″x 9/16″) (25- of 3/64″x 5/8″) (20 -of 9/64″x 3/4″) (8 -of 5/32″x 5/16″)

Zinc-plating, Steel construction.

Product Description

Looking for a little something to help with mechanical repairs?

Look no further than Katzco’s 150 piece cotter and hair pin assortment set!

These hair pins come in a wide variety of the 6 most popular pin sizes used,

That way you have everything you need to get the job done efficiently.

With sizes coming the following:

(42 pieces that are 3/32″3/16″)

(30 Pieces of 5/64″x 5/16″)

(25 pieces that are 5/64″x 9/16″)

(25 pieces that are 3/64″x 5/8″)

(20 pieces that are 9/64″x 3/4″)

(8 pieces that are 5/32″x 5/16″).

The durable heavy duty material and design of these pins makes sure that bolts and pins are safely secured and don’t budge.

The pins can all be unlocked with just 1 key as well.

Take it on the go with the included see thru storage to keep track of all your pins.

If you need to repair

Small engines,

Metal Furnishings,


or Anything else Mechanical

Than you have come to the right place.

High quality at an affordable price.

Buy one today!

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY- Katzco’s Cotter pin assortment hair pins are made of a zinc plated, steel construction that lasts a lifetime, ensuring you that you won’t need to replace these.
  • VARIETY- This cotter pin assortment contains a variety of hairpin sizes that way you have everything you need for any mechanical, automotive, or small engine repair. Contains the 6 most popular sizes of hair pins. Outstanding value for the amount of pins given.
  • SPECIALTY LOCK- The cotter pins in this set contain specialty locks to ensure tight hold that will last. Comes with one key that opens all 4 types of locks.
  • DURABLE-The High quality heavy duty material of these pins allow ensure a very long life of use in any workshop. The hair pin style design gives fast and secure hold for bolts and pins that way your work never gets undone.
  • CONVENIENT- The Katzco cotter pin assortment set includes a see thru resealable storage case to store all of your pins in to make sure they don’t get lost for the next job. The sizing labels on the flip side of the container make sure that you are as organized as possible. Storage case also allows for ease of portability.